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Note: The information provided by this calculator is only a guide.

Keep your money with us

Select this checkbox if you migrated your cash holdings with the bank from below N10,000 to N10,000 and above within this month? Yes  No  
Enter your bank account balance here:*

Balance was kept for*

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Pay your bills with us

Paid at branch?    Paid at ATM?
Value in NGN:* Value of bills paid

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Do your insurance with us(FBN Life Assurance)

You purchased the product? Yes  No   (Additional Points Earned)
You introduced a new customer? Yes  No  (Additional Points Earned)
You paid your premiums promptly? Yes  No  (Additional Points Earned)
Enter the amount you pay in premium here (N):*

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Use FBN Cards

FBN Naira Mastercard acquired? Yes  No  (Additional Points Earned)
FBN Naira Mastercard activated? Yes  No  (Additional Points Earned)
POS Purchase with card:* Enter amount spent

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Number of withdrawals on international ATMs using your FBN naira mastercard

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